The collective of the enterprise is one of the components of our success.


herefore, we combine experience and youth, energy and professionalism and a great desire to open new horizons in our sphere.



Production of Mykolayiv Meat: sausage TM "Dobra", TM "Gofenberg", TM Mykolaivsky Meat Processing Plant, which you want to buy.


The enterprise has a long history of becoming and it begins in the mid-90s, when a group of young enthusiasts decided to organize the production of high-quality and affordable sausages. Formation was not easy - they started production without investments and their own shops. Premises were rented.


At the expiration of time and experience, sausages Nikolaev meat-packing plants are very popular not only in Odessa, but also in other regions of Ukraine: in the Odessa, Kherson, Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk regions and in the resort areas: Skadovsk, Iron Port, Ochakov, Koblevo, Rybakovka and etc.


At the beginning of its activity, the range of products was only 25 varieties of sausages. And now there are more than 100 items in the assortment. But the most popular sausages TM "Dobra" and TM "Gofenberg" in Mykolayiv. Also the direction is developing - Sausages in bulk from Mykolaiv Meat Processing Plant.


The company is actively working in the field - delivering sausages to the house. From Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 16.00 by phone 093-077-17-70 you can order a VIP product of TM Gofenberg. The minimum order is from 1.5 kg.


Sausage TM Dobr and Mykolaiv Meat Processing Plant you can buy in our branded stores and stores of our partners. List of partners..

Nikolaev meat-packing plant today is a stable enterprise that has both its customers and consumers' recognition. The enterprise does not stop there, the production is expanding, the possibility of selling the products through Foodcat (cafe-van with mobile kitchen) is actively developing.


Also in the near future Meat Processing Plant will please its customers by opening a company store where the products can be bought at prices from the manufacturer.


Today our products can be purchased in stores: in the market "Severny" and at the stop "Shkolnaya" (for more details, see the information on the site on the tab OUR STORES). In these stores, you can buy almost the entire range of products, except for a series of sausages, the supply of which is produced only in restaurants.

By increasing and improving the quality of the products, namely sausages, the company actively built its own factory for the production of meat products. The plant is equipped with the most modern equipment.


In 2004, Mykolayiv meat factory confidently announced itself the appearance of sausages TM "Dobra" on the market, which were immediately appreciated by buyers. And in February 2017, the plant came into operation, which enabled the company to produce large-scale elite products: raw sausage of the new trade mark "Gofenberg" and various delicacies.

To the production of such products, the enterprise did not come immediately. In 2006 Mykolayiv Meat Processing Plant received an order from one of its business partners to start production of small quantities of sausages for beer, which are used in their menu. Then a specialist with international experience developed exclusive recipes for new types of sausages for a meat-packing plant. And the company's technologists introduced this novelty to Nikolaev in the manufacturing process. And also we are the first Meat Processing Plant in Mykolayiv, which started making lamb sausages. 


A highlight of elite sausage in recipes and spices. Each recipe is characterized by a set of spices. Today these sets are already ready in the finished form from the company "Lofink Group" - the world leader in the production of natural spices.


New delicious delicacies were quickly appreciated by customers, whose range has expanded considerably. To date, the meat factory's sausages - white "Viennese", "Czech" and others are served in many restaurants of the city of Nikolaev: Heinrich Schultz, Brewery Patrick, Ushuaia, Baldino and many others.


For a long time the quantity of the enterprise's products was very limited, since for the production of large volumes, the corresponding equipment was required. In February 2017, the plant completed the installation of a special drying chamber, after which the company began to produce raw sausages and delicacies.


We invite new partners to cooperate!

And we are always grateful to our client for choosing and preference to our products!


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