To the production of such products, the enterprise did not come immediately. In 2006 Mykolayiv Meat Processing Plant received an order from one of its business partners to start production of small quantities of sausages for beer, which are used in their menu. Then a specialist with international experience developed exclusive recipes for new types of sausages for a meat-packing plant. And the company's technologists introduced this novelty to Nikolaev in the manufacturing process. And also we are the first Meat Processing Plant in Mykolayiv, which started making lamb sausages. 


A highlight of elite sausage in recipes and spices. Each recipe is characterized by a set of spices. Today these sets are already ready in the finished form from the company "Lofink Group" - the world leader in the production of natural spices.


New delicious delicacies were quickly appreciated by customers, whose range has expanded considerably. To date, the meat factory's sausages - white "Viennese", "Czech" and others are served in many restaurants of the city of Nikolaev: Heinrich Schultz, Brewery Patrick, Ushuaia, Baldino and many others.


For a long time the quantity of the enterprise's products was very limited, since for the production of large volumes, the corresponding equipment was required. In February 2017, the plant completed the installation of a special drying chamber, after which the company began to produce raw sausages and delicacies.


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